Mikri Limni

Mikri Limni can be found situated close to the Agiasos road from vatera just prior to the Junction with the main road to Achladeri and Kalloni. Take a right turn along a forested track almost opposite the Achladeri road. After driving for about half a mile there is a small track off to the right where it is possible to park. On parking walk the rest of this track to reach the reed and sedge filled lake. From here it is possible to walk around the whole of the lake. I walked clockwise starting along a little used track through the pines towards the main road returning along the opposite side along the track we drove down, intermittently walking down to the lakeside to check out the birds and dragonflies.

Mikri Limni

On the lake were Little Grebe, Purple Heron and Moorhen. Around the lake were Cuckoo, Red-backed Shrike, Subalpine Warbler, Mistle Thrush and Jay. A walk into the woods would almost certainly produce Short-toed Treecreeper which I heard and possibly Krupers Nuthatch.

My main reason for visiting the lake was to check out the dragonflies. I found the small brown damselfly Sympecma fusca and Scarce Emerald Damselfly. Dragonflies that were evident were Hairy Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Lesser Emperor Dragonfly and Red-veined Darter.

Sympecma fusca              Scarce Emerald Damselfly

At the end of the track where the car was parked is a grassy glade in the woods which attracted several Butterfly species including Large Wall Brown, Holly Blue, Small Heath and Green Hairstreak.

Holly Blue              Green Hairstreak

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