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Watching Wildlife Around The World

This website produced by Paul Wetton, a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Film Maker gives details of the places visited by Paul and his family whilst out searching for wildlife in the UK and all around the world. Further information about Pauls film productions can be seen at Wildlife-films.com

Please take a look around this website. Click on the links below to take a more in depth look at each of the trip reports produced by Paul.

Searching for Butterflies in The Montes Universales:
A week in The Montes Universales with Greenwings Nature Holidays based in the beautiful town of Albarracin. In late July much of the habitats here are barren and dry however, rivers and streams are surrounded by greenery and these are the places to look for butterflies with the exception of some of the montane species that prefer the barren uplands in the area.

Searching for Wildlife in Subarctic Finland:
Two weeks searching for mammals, birds, butterflies and other wildlife in subarctic Finland from Helsinki to the border of Lapland during two holidays, one in early June 2018 with the other in late June in 2019.

The Picos de Europa in Northern Spain:
Two weeks searching for butterflies and other wildlife in The Picos de Europa mountains and the surrounding lowlands in July 2017.

Scotland May 2014 :
A report from a 15 day trip to the Outer Hebrides and the Fort William area during May 2014.

Dorset Spring 2013 :
A report from a one week trip to Dorset searching for reptiles in the Spring of 2013.

Southern Bulgaria Summer 2012 :
A report from our three week holiday in Southern Bulgaria during the summer of 2012 guided by Assen Ignatov in conjunction with the British Bulgarian Society.

Switzerland in Summer 2011 :
A detailed report from our three week vacation to the Swiss Alps in the summer of 2011, staying in the Val d'Herens at La Molignon campsite, searching mainly for the butterflies of the region.

Southern Counties Revisited:  
One week in August 2009 searching for more Butterflies in Southern England.

UK Southern Counties:  
Two weeks in June 2009 searching for the Odonata and Butterflies to be found in Southern England in preparation for my first wildlife film A Butterfly Year.

Birding on Tenerife & Fuerteventura:
A two week trip to Tenerife in September 2008 that included three days on Fuerteventura, searching for the endemics and rarities to be found on the islands.

Bay of Biscay Minicruise:
A trip report from a 3 day Minicruise in the Bay of Biscay in August 2007, mainly looking out for the various cetacean species that can be found in the bay heading into autumn.

Birding in Scotland:
A birdwatching trip to Scotland in spring 2007 where we visited Speyside, The Ardnamurchan peninsular and the island of Mull.

Birding in Central Spain:
I went on a two week self guided birding holiday to Central Spain in May 2005 with my parents, covering Extramedura, the Gredos Mountains and the gorge and Hermitage near the ancient village of Sepulveda.

Birding in Central and Southern Florida:
My first and only stay in the US was a three week wildlife watching trip to Florida in the spring of 2004. The trip began in Orlando down the east coast through the space coast and down to the Everglades ending up on the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico for three nights before heading back up the west coast to Merrit Island and back to Orlando.

Birding Lesvos Spring 2003:
A second Birdwatching / nature watching trip was made to the island of Lesvos in Spring 2003, where we stayed in Vatera on the southern shores of the island. This less well known destination was lovely and peaceful and produced some excellent birds and orchids.

Birding in Goa:
A three week birdwatching trip to Goa in November 2002 where interesting birds were seen from around the hotel pool and lakes, in the local woods and marshes that were within walking distance from the hotel and with our birding taxi driver for trips further afield to find some of the rarer Goan birds.

Birding Turkey:
A two week birdwatching trip to southern and central Turkey in June 2001 using a popular tourist destination as a base then hiring a car to head as far east as safety allowed.

Birding Lesvos Autumn 2000:
My first trip to the beautiful island of Lesvos was in the Autumn of 2000, staying for two weeks at the developing tourist destination of Skala Kalloni.

Birding Mallorca:
A two week birdwatching trip to Mallorca in September 1999 based in Porta Pollenca.

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